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Our Gear

From freeride to family rides, Teton Valley is the place for dirt adventures and the crew at Habitat lives and breathes it. With gear from trusted brands like Santa Cruz, Yeti, Rocky Mountain, Kona, Troy Lee Designs, Dakine, Club Ride, and more, if we don’t have it, you don’t want it.



Your singletrack adventure starts here. Habitat High Altitude Provisions carries the top-of-the line mountain bikes and demos from Rocky Mountain, Kona, Juliana, Yeti, and Santa Cruz.

Bike Demos

  • Gravity - Half Day / Full Day
    $79 / $99

    Santa Cruz V10, Rocky Mountain Maiden, Yeti SB165 Kona Operator or Kona Process 165

  • Full Suspension - Half Day / Full Day
    $69 / $89

    Santa Cruz Nomad, Santa Cruz Bronson, Santa Cruz 5010, Yeti SB 150, Yeti SB130, Juliana Strega, Juliana Furtado, Rocky Mountain Pipeline, Rocky Mountain Instinct BC, Rocky Mountain Altitude, Kona Process 153

  • Youth - Half Day / Full Day
    $39 / $49

    Shred 20

  • Youth Full Suspension - Half Day / Full Day
    $39 / $49

    Rocky Mountain Reaper 24 & 26, Kona Process 24

  • Road/Town Bike - Half Day / Full Day
    $25 / $35

  • Helmets

  • Body Armor

  • Weehoo Singletrack Trailer



Friends don’t let friends ride squeaky, out of tune bikes. Let us be your friends and our mechanics will get your bike in trail shape. From the basics to full tunes, to suspension rebuilds, our wrenches can handle your project.


  • Safety Check

    Check entire bike, making sure everything is operating correctly.

  • Grasshopper Tune

    Wash frame, drivetrain and wheels. Complete check-over of all moving parts, tighten/torque bolts. Adjust shifting and brakes. True wheels. Adjust hubs, headset, bottom bracket, pivots. Lube chain and all moving parts.

  • Ninja Tune

    All of the above, with the addition of removal, inspection & cleaning of pivots on full suspension bikes.

  • Master Ninja Tune

    All of the above, with the addition of removal, inspection and cleaning of All parts. Special attention paid to suspension. (Most beneficial tune for FS Bikers).

Brands We Carry

We’re particular about the brands we work with. They need to be Teton tested and proven before getting our stamp of approval. With that in mind, you’ll only find what we believe to be the best of the best at Habitat.