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Our Gear

From freeride to family rides, Teton Valley is the place for dirt adventures and the crew at Habitat lives and breathes it. With gear from trusted brands like Santa Cruz, Yeti, Kona, Troy Lee Designs, Dakine, Club Ride, and more, if we don’t have it, you don’t want it.



Your singletrack adventure starts here. Habitat High Altitude Provisions carries the top-of-the line mountain bikes and demos from Kona, Juliana, Yeti, and Santa Cruz.

Bike Rentals, Options and Pricing

  • Demo - Half Day / Full Day
    $89 / $119

    Santa Cruz V10, 5010, Yeti SB165, SB150, SB140, SB130 Rocky Mountain Slayer In Town - Kona Process 134 CR

  • Sport Rental - Half Day / Full Day
    $69 / $89

    Kona Proces 153, Kona Operator, Rocky Mountain Altitude, Instinct BC

  • Youth - Half Day / Full Day
    $39 / $49

    Rocky Mountain Reaper 24, 26, and 27.5, Kona Shred 20

  • Road/Town Bike - Half Day / Full Day
    $39 / $49

    Town Location Only

  • Helmets

  • Body Armor

  • Weehoo Singletrack Trailer


Service Packages

*General labor cost of $60 per hour for all non menu service
*All prices reflect labor costs, supplies and components priced individually
*Rushed service charges may apply

  • Wash and Lube

    Wash bike, polish frame, lube drivetrain

  • Basic Tune

    Wash bike. Clean, lubricate and adjust the drivetrain. Decontaminate or replace brake pads, align calipers, true rotor or replace rotor. True Wheels.

  • Major Tune

    Basic Tune, and bleed both brakes, re-up tubeless sealant, torque check all bolts.

  • Overhaul

    Major Tune, and removal and replacement of all pivot bolts and bearing, including headset.

Bicycle Repair Menu

Friends don’t let friends ride squeaky, out of tune bikes. Let us be your friends and our mechanics will get your bike in trail shape. From the basics to full tunes, to suspension rebuilds, our wrenches can handle your project.


  • Flat Repair

    Patch tubeless tire, replenish sealant, or replace tube

  • Brake Bleed

    Degass brake hose and replace fluid

  • Derailleur Adjustment

    Derailleur hanger alignment, cable tension, limit screws

  • Wheel true

    Adjust spoke tension to true wheel

  • Wheel Build

    New wheel build or rim replacement rebuild

  • Basic Shock Service

    Seals, washers and fluid

  • Basic Fork Service

    Seals washers and fluid

Brands We Carry

We’re particular about the brands we work with. They need to be Teton tested and proven before getting our stamp of approval. With that in mind, you’ll only find what we believe to be the best of the best at Habitat.