Keep Your Ride Rolling

Ride The Tetons

Images and words by Carolyn Keefe

For those fortunate enough to have access, the most splendid coping mechanism of pandemic times has been the great outdoors. Valley residents have spent the winter sliding
down slopes, skating in circles, and skinning up ridges and generally getting after it. While our community has unfettered access we’ve also witnessed an increase in tourist traffic.
Overall the industry of outdoor recreation is experiencing a boom, as it turns out lots of folks want to get off the couch. Many of you couldn’t find ski boots in your size, or skins, or helmets, heck even snowshoes were sold out this winter. We should expect to see an equivalent spike in summer access, including mountain biking. It is safe to assume trail heads will be busier than usual. Many bicycle components will be hard to find, brake pads, tires, tubes, hip packs, and I’m sorry to say new bikes are extremely rare.

As Lead Bicycle Mechanic for Grand Targhee Resort, and Habitat Bike Shop, I will compile a few short blog posts; in which I will present ways you can protect and preserve your bike this summer. These hot tips will teach you how to postpone and in some cases prevent needing repairs. I will teach you to extend the life of wear components and keep you rolling into 2022 and beyond.

Grand Targhee employee K. Beecher pictured right, pops his Yeti SB 150 off a small stump.